Onboarding a team is super quick now with the introduction of Trainer Passphrases. All it takes is a few simple steps.

Step 1 – Create your Trainer Account:

Right now, this requires having an Account Creation Code.  Once you have your account creation code, go ahead and create your account here.

Don’t have an invite code? Request one here.

Step 2 – Create your Passphrase:

Your passphrase is an easy to remember, easy to repeat phrase that is unique to your team, for example, “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.” Once you’ve decided on a passphrase, click on the settings menu in Strongifier and add it in the appropriate box (see right).

Then, send this passphrase to your athletes whichever way you like: Write it on the blackboard, send it to them in email, print it out on sheets of paper to hand out – whatever works for you.


Step 3 – Sign Up your Athletes

Let your students or athletes create their accounts and use the trainer passphrase that you gave them to sign up.  They can do this by simply following the prompts that say, “I’m part of a team” during the sign up workflow.  Alternatively, they can also add a new trainer at any time by clicking on their ‘Settings’ Menu and using the “Add a Trainer” feature.

Step 4 – Create your own custom workouts:

You know your team better than we do, so instead of trying to guess what is right for your athletes, we try to give you the best tools to train your athletes yourself.

Try to group your workouts into logical unites for your athletes – your athletes must choose to switch between workouts, so it may make sense to set up workouts based on the day of the week and the subset of athletes that you are assigning a particular workout to, for example: Workouts for freshman on Mondays.


Step 5 – Track Progress, Analyze Stats, Encourage Logging

That’s all the set up! Now all that is left is encouraging your athletes to regularly log their workouts and examining their progress within the app. You’ll be able to easily click on each athlete and determine how often they’ve been workout out, which exercises they have been doing, and their progress over time on any particular exercise (e.g. Bench Press or Squat).