One of Strongifier’s most fun features is checking out your progress with our beautiful graphs and analysis.  To check out your own progress just login to the app and select “Profile” from the navigation menu.  Strongifier will then generate statistics around every exercise you have ever done.  The graphs you see will be organized with your most recent exercises closest to the top and will contain a number of useful bits of information:

Estimated One Rep Max: Strongifier will examine your data to determine what it thinks your 1 rep max would be.  This is how much weight you could lift, properly warmed up, if you only lifted the weight just once. By always calculating this value for you, Strongifier can keep track of your progress in a uniform way so that even if you switch from doing 5 reps of a particular workout to doing 10 reps of a workout, you’ll always know whether you are increasing in strength overall.  This frees you to work out any way you like without having to do manual 1 rep checks periodically which can slow down training efforts and risk injury.

Total Reps Done: This is the number of reps you have done of a workout over your entire lifespan on Strongifier.

Total Weight Lifted: The sum of all the weight you have lifted in a particular exercise.  People are often surprised when they see just how much work they’ve actually done. This also happens to be a really fun stat to share with friends.

Estimated One Rep Max Over Time Graph: Strongifier calculates your estimated one rep max for every workout that you have ever done and graphs them over time so that you can better understand the effects of your training, diet, sickness, workout routines and so forth.  This graph is one of Strongifier’s greatest tools to helping you understand your own health and fitness.