Fundamentals Workout I is based on the most fundamental aspects of strength training.  It is incredible way to get started in the world of strength training. Athletes who are just starting to get into the world of strength training could probably use nothing but this workout, 3 days a week, for 6 month and show remarkable improvement in every area of their athletic performance.

As of this writing, all Strongifier athletes are opted into the Fundamentals I workout free of charge.  If you go to your workouts screen, there you see it at the top, beckoning you to join into a series of Squats, Bench Presses, Deadlifts, and Lat Pulldowns and some weights that will look different for each of you.  So what’s going on here and why is it incredibly awesome?

Supercompensation: Super compensation is the principle that states that when the human body takes on a difficult task, it reacts by over compensating. If you do the hardest set of five squats that you can do, let’s say 100 lbs, you will get extremely tired and sore, but 3 days later if you go back to the gym, your muscles will have grown back, grown stronger.  You will be able to put just a little bit more weight on that bar next time, maybe 105 lbs.  And the next time, 5 more pounds.  All the way up until you start to approach your genetic potential.  For the athlete who is initially starting to strength train though, this genetic potential maximum is a long way off, so we will keep going as long as we can.

Strongifier’s Fundamental Workout I employs this principal by analyzing your workout history to determine what a good weight is for you on the four fundamental exercises and prompting you to add just a little bit of extra weight each time.  Since most of us can’t keep all of our gym exercise weights in our head all of the time, Strongifier enables you to always see what you did last time so you can always do just a little bit more this time and continue progressing towards your fitness goals.

Compound Exercises: This is the second of Fundamental Workout I’s core principles. It is the fitness principal that states that the more muscle that you can hit, and the hard you can hit them, the more effective the exercise is for overall fitness. But why is that?  The biggest answer comes from hormones.  The more effectively that you can stress your entire body at once, the bigger the body’s hormonal response is. A big compound exercise triggers the release Growth Hormone, Testosterone, and Cortisol, all essential for building muscle.

Besides hormones, the next best reason to do compound exercises is time.  By doing a sequence of Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift you can hit all of the body’s biggest muscles and most of its smaller muscles very effectively.  If you power through your workout one after the other, you will get a better workout in 30 minutes than most people get in 2 hours.

Free Weights: Finally, Fundamentals I emphasizes free weights.  First let me assure those of you who are intimidated by the “guy”side of the gym – free weights are the easiest thing in the whole gym to do as long as you take your time for one very simple reason:  You *can* take your time.  Most of the “machines” in your average gym go up by weight increments of 10, 15, or even 20 pounds at a time.  It can be really hard to increase your workout by 10 pounds every time on a machine.  Very few people can do it, so they think they can’t do the “harder” free weight.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Free weights have these beautiful things called 2.5 lb increments.  Slide one on each end of a barbell for balance and you’re still going up by only 5 lbs. You can even get your own 1 lb barbell weights and carry them with you to make the progression even more stable, and even 1 or 2 lbs of increase every three days is a lot more than zero pounds of increase on a machine because you can’t do 10 lbs of increase.  So now you know the secret, all those manly men on the free weights side of the gym got there by doing it 2.5 pounds at a time.  Nothing to be intimidated by.

Secondly, free weights are “functional”.  They use your muscles the same way at the gym that you would do around the house or at play in sports.  For the most part, they are fundamentally about picking stuff up in the most efficient way possible.  By working with free weights and learning proper form, you will start to get an ingrained muscle memory that will automatically trigger whenever you need them to. So the next time your friend suckers you into lifting that 40 lb box of books on moving day, you can drop down and Deadlift the sucker to rest, Power Clean to your shoulders and maybe just Front Rack it to show off.  It will look pretty cool but the truth is that a lot of times it will be the easiest way of doing things.

Squat: The first of the “Fundamentals” exercises, the squat hits more muscles than any other basic bar exercise and triggers the biggest hormonal response. It works your lower back, legs (especially glutes) and core.

Deadlift: The most weight you will ever lift will come from a properly executed deadlift.  Keep your back straight and the bar close to your legs. You will employ your legs and back to form a powerful lever. You will feel a bit like the guy in the Planet Fitness commercial who says, “I Life Things Up And Put Things Down”, but you will feel know that you are rebuilding your body into an incredible strength machine.

Bench Press: The quintessential chest exercise. Between the squat and the deadlift, you’ve now gotten most of your backside in tip-top shape. Now you need to balance that by strengthening your chest muscles.

Lat Pull-Down: Finally to round out hitting the very few muscles (mostly lats) that you haven’t hit with the above three exercises, we’ll do the lat pull down.

And now you know why we believe that Fundamentals Workout I is the best possible workout for getting started in strength training.  You hit all of the most important muscles in the most efficient way. You trigger massive beneficial hormonal responses, and you do it all in a way gradually increases just a little bit each day so you can safely and effectively become the best you that you can be. So we challenge you to try it out for a month.  We bet you’ll be so happy with what happens you’ll never go back.